How to Submit Your Book to LitPick for Review

LitPick is dedicated to bringing quality new books to the attention of preteens, teens, and young adults, as well as to their parents, teachers, and librarians. We are also supportive of authors, publishers, publicists, and other people trying to reach out to these same individuals.

How to Request a Review of Your Book
Authors, publishers, and publicists interested in having their new  books reviewed by LitPick should contact us for instructions. Please do not send us review copies before emailing us for instructions. Once we receive information about your book, the book will be posted on an internal online student book list that are available for review by our students after they log in to LitPick. Our student reviewers choose books they want to review from this student book list, and when your book is chosen by a student, it will be sent to them. After a student reviews a book and their book review is posted on LitPick, we will email the individual who sent us the review book to inform them that their book has been reviewed and that the review appears on LitPick.

Contact us for instructions explaining what you need to do to activate this link to our
book submission form
and how to complete the form to enter your book into our system for review.

Expedited Book Review Option
If you are looking for a review to coincide with your book's release or if you want a prompt review of your book by LitPick, you can request an expedited review by one of our top student book reviewers.  Once you contact us for instructions explaining what you need to do to activate the book submission form, we will provide you with information about how to request an Expedited Book Review from LitPick.

 Yes, our students will review eBooks. This format is becoming increasingly popular among our student book reviewers. We prefer to receive eBooks as a pdf file, but we will accept other formats. The review books sent to us by authors and publishers, whether print or eBooks, will be reviewed a limited number of times by our student reviewers. Please be assured that we explicitly warn our student reviewers about the illegality of piracy.

LitPick Promotional Opportunities
Our forum is available to authors and publishers who are members of LitPick to post comments about their preteen and teen ya book(s), speak of plans for future books, and to contribute any other thoughts they may wish to share with our students, members, and the visitors to our site. There is no charge for posting on our forum - all you need to do is become a LitPick member.

LitPick offers a variety of special promotional opportunities on our web site for authors, publishers, and others interested in promoting to the thousands of people who visit LitPick each day. We also offer space on our web site to individuals and companies who wish to market appropriate products and services to our preteen, teen, and adult visitors. If you are interested in learning about our special promotional opportunities, you can read about them here or contact us.

Top Choice Books
Each month, our student reviewers read and review many new and advance books sent to us by authors and publishers. A reviewer is asked to rate the book they have reviewed on a 1 - 5 scale, with 5 being the highest  rating a book can receive.  Although this rating system is subjective, the majority of our reviewers are good judges of what will interest preteens, teens, and young adults (ya) in terms of stories, plots, and writing. This is because our reviewers are preteens,teens, and young adults (ya), the very audience targeted by the books we have been asked to review.

A new book receiving an overall average rating of 4.5 or 5 after at least two (2) reviews is designated a "LitPick TOP CHOICE," and the book is added to our list of TOP CHOICE Books. Authors or publishers of a TOP CHOICE book are offered a special award graphic that can be placed on their web pages. Along with this graphic, they are provided a link to our review that includes the rating of their book. There is no charge for the award graphic or link.

What you can find at LitPick Student Book Reviews Online?
At LitPick student book reviews online, we have preteen books to read, teen books to read, and young adult books to read.  LitPick student book reviewers review these preteen, teen, and young adult (YA) books, and we post their book reviews for teens.  The books and reviews on our site can be used by librarians, teachers, homeschool educators, and parents to create a middle school book list, a high school or upper school book list, and a homeschool book list, as well as booklist of online reviews from all our student book reviews online.

Thank you for your interest in LitPick Student Book Reviews!


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