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LitPick Receives Award!
S.A. Mahan
In the repressive New Republic, the right to life does not exist. Such life matters are decided at special clinics called Parlors where abortion is mandatory if the unborn baby is a second daughter or is deemed defective in any way. Chrissie, sixteen and unwed, receives the terrible news from the Parlor. 'It is deformed, dear," the redheaded woman with green eyes tells Chrissie, as if she is giving her the time of day. 'It is missing its right foot, part of its right hand, and it probably has a mental deficiency.' That means mandatory abortion for Daniel, and sterilization for Chrissie and her boyfriend, Jason. Chrissie knows that Daniel is her baby's name. He is Daniel in the lion's den, because: 'That is what the voice calls him, the voice that whispers to me in my mind late at night when I am drifting away into sleep. I try to picture what a lion's den might look like. If it is as bad as what I picture, Daniel is definitely in it.' Tomorrow is abortion day for Chrissie and she decides, like her aunt before her, to run. That will make her an enemy of the state (it does not even help that her father is high up in the government) and, if she survives, an imprisoned felon. Chrissie will stop at nothing to save her baby. She searches for a mysterious place called Haven. Government police and specialists known as closers relentlessly hunt for her. But she will have unexpected help. Guides will appear to help her, with names like Moses, Samson, Angel and Dragon. These guides are gifted in many different ways, exceptional deadly fighters, and willing to risk everything to lead runners to safety. The closers are just as gifted in their own way, Hydra, Medusa, Medea, Goliath and: 'His name is Stingray, Chrissie,' Moses whispers with fear in his eyes as they hide in the mangroves along the beach, 'he is a very special closer, the baddest of the bad, and he's here for you!' What follows is an incredible action filled escape where Chrissie must come of age and stand by her choice to save her baby. Prepare to be swept toward an unimaginable conclusion in this non-stop, page turning thriller.Reader’s Favorite reviewer Patricia Reding says it best: “Just sixteen, pregnant, betrayed by boyfriend and family, alone...and an outlaw, Chrissie is in big trouble. So opens Chrissie’s Run by S.A. Mahan, a story sure to have readers turning pages quickly and furiously. In the dystopian world of the New Republic, Chrissie does the unthinkable. When ordered to show up for an appointment at which the authorities will abort her child, one they say would be born handicapped, Chrissie runs. She finds her way to the underground of the city. Vulnerable, in part due to the hefty price upon her head, Chrissie struggles to protect herself and her child. Enter Moses, a gifted man and a protector, who helps Chrissie on her journey to find the mythical land of Haven. He is followed by Samson, Angel, and others, each of whom is willing to risk death in an effort to protect life. Meanwhile, Chrissie’s pursuers become more plentiful and stronger. How many will be willing to pay with their own lives to protect the single life of an innocent?” Chrissie’s Run is a young adult, dystopian edge-of-your-seat page turner that you will literally not want to put down. S. A. Mahan explores a future society that embraces full governmental control and social engineering. It is a story of hard choices, and even harder consequences for Chrissie. She hears ‘the voice’, the voice that tells her that her unborn baby is Daniel. Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Chrissie makes the hard choice. Will she and Daniel survive?
Brenda Ortega
When her revenge plan goes awry, fourteen-year-old Dani Burkhart finds herself in unexpected places: the back seat of a cop car, the police station holding room, Juvenile Court. She wants her old life, the one with a family that's not falling apart. She wants to stay in her home with the woods in back, and keep her carefree dog with the windshield wiper tail, and hear her big brother shout "Sweet D-Dawg!" when her curveball dips like a sparrow.

Dani has always believed her grandmother's philosophy: Right will win. Now everything is wrong. So why not punish the rotten neighbor who's to blame - who pulled the string that started everything unraveling? Makes sense - unless there's more to the story than Dani wants to admit.

FAULT LINES traces Dani's journey through the rubble of loss to the path she finds back home, to forgiveness and hope.
Fault Lines
Karen McQuestion

Seventeen-year-old Emma was the only one who hadn’t given up on her boyfriend, Lucas. Everyone else—his family, his friends, his doctors—was convinced that any moment could be his last. So when Lucas miraculously returns from the brink of death, Emma thinks her prayers have been answered.

As the surprised town rejoices, Emma begins to question whether Lucas is the same boy she’s always known. When she finds an unidentifiable object on his family’s farm—and government agents come to claim it—she begins to suspect that nothing is what it seems. Emma’s out-of-this-world discovery may be the key to setting things right, but only if she and Lucas can evade the agents who are after what they have. With all her hopes and dreams on the line, Emma sets out to save the boy she loves. And with a little help from a distant star, she might just have a chance at making those dreams come true.

From a Distant Star
Suzy Becker
Fans of Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries will love this illustrated series by the New York Times bestselling author of All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat. Meet Kate Geller, a sassy flute-playing artist, who comes up with an original way to redefine friendship.
Kate’s older sister is way too perfect. Her younger sister is way too cute. And her mom wants her to be pals with her frenemy, Nora. Her art teacher, Mrs. Petty, is way too uncreative, and how can Kate pay attention at Junior Guides when her pod leader has a sweat stain the size of the town beach? Now she has to get through her Christopher Columbus role during Discovery Day and her “Colonial Buddies” report, but little does she know how much “help” she’ll be getting from Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein.
This humorous debut novel features more than 350 illustrations.

Praise for Kate the Great:
"She's funny. Quirky. Original. Kate's the greatest."  -Lincoln Peirce, author of Big Nate

"May Kate continue to be this great." –The Horn Book

“Becker’s first illustrated novel falls neatly in line with many others of its ilk, series such as Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid…” –Booklist

“Becker does an excellent job of channeling the behind-adults’-backs humor and friendship frustrations of the middle-school crowd…” –Publishers Weekly

“Debut novelist Becker employs doodles, cartoons, and comic strips reminiscent of Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Lincoln Peirce’s Big Nate.” –School Library Journal
Kate the Great
Lance Erlick
Abrupt climate change melted ice caps and flooded coasts. Regina Shen is an outcast condemned to live on the seaward side of barrier walls. A hurricane threatens to destroy Regina’s world, tearing her from sister, mom, and home. The World Federation’s notorious Department of Antiquities polices barrier walls and suppresses knowledge from the past. Regina thrives on salvage from sunken cities, including illegal print books from before the Federation. With photographic memory, she defies Antiquities by reading books not available in the Federation. Antiquities claims Regina has unique DNA that could single-handedly stop human extinction. It's too bad she doesn't trust them enough to barter fairly, let alone with her life. As the storm worsens, Antiquities and their allies doggedly pursue Regina. Does she have the resilience to survive the storm and avoid capture while hunting for family?Outcast Regina Shen is forced by the World Federation to live on the seaward side of barrier walls built to hold back rising seas from abrupt climate change. A hurricane threatens to destroy what’s left of her world, tearing Regina from her family. Global fertility has collapsed. Chief Inspector Joanne Demarco of the notorious Department of Antiquities believes Regina holds the key to avoid extinction. Regina fights to stay alive and avoid capture while hunting for her family.
Regina Shen: Resilience
Shirley Parenteau
Can a ship carrying Friendship Dolls to Japan be Lexie’s ticket to see her fun-loving mother again? A heartwarming historical novel inspired by a little-known true event.

It’s 1926, and the one thing eleven-year-old Lexie Lewis wants more than anything is to leave Portland, Oregon, where she has been staying with her strict grandparents, and rejoin her mother, a carefree singer in San Francisco’s speakeasies. But Mama’s new husband doesn’t think a little girl should live with parents who work all night and sleep all day. Meanwhile, Lexie’s class has been raising money to ship a doll to the children of Japan in a friendship exchange, and when Lexie learns that the girl who writes the best letter to accompany the doll will be sent to the farewell ceremony in San Francisco, she knows she just has to be the winner. But what if a jealous classmate and Lexie’s own small lies to her grandmother manage to derail her plans? Inspired by a project organized by teacher-missionary Sidney Gulick, in which U.S. children sent more than 12,000 Friendship Dolls to Japan in hopes of avoiding a future war, Shirley Parenteau’s engaging story has sure appeal for young readers who enjoy historical fiction, and for doll lovers of all ages.
Ship of Dolls
Carl Ashmore
From bestselling author Carl Ashmore, 'THE TIME HUNTERS' is the first chapter in the five book series for children of all ages.

Becky is a typical thirteen year old girl. She likes Facebook, gossiping and plenty of sleep. So when she and her brother, Joe, are invited to stay with their 'loony' Uncle Percy at his stately home, she thinks it’ll be the worst summer ever. What she doesn't realise is that Bowen Hall is also home to a baby Triceratops, two Sabre-tooth tigers and the mythic hero, Will Scarlet...

'The Time Hunters' is a thrilling adventure that takes Becky, Joe, Uncle Percy and Will on a quest through time to find the legendary Golden Fleece.

Praise for The Time Hunters:

'From every angle, it’s an excellent work. This series couldn’t ask for a more vibrant opening chapter.' KIRKUS REVIEWS (awarded the KIRKUS STAR *)

'I really enjoyed reading THE TIME HUNTERS. You start off the action with a bang, drawing the reader in right away. Your writing is strong, and in places has a classic feel....It has terrific potential.' HARPER COLLINS

***** Carl Ashmore has written an entertaining book that children will love. READERS FAVOURITE

'This is a wonderful adventure. It has the magic of Lewis Carroll and Kenneth Grahame, the inventiveness of Roald Dahl and the writing skill of Rudyard Kipling in my opinion. It is the natural successor to Harry Potter. Brilliant!'

Four other books in the Time Hunters saga are also available: 'The Time Hunters and the Box of Eternity', 'The Time Hunters and the Spear of Fate' and 'The Time Hunters and the Sword of Ages.'

I am delighted to announce I have signed a contract with the major Brazilian publishing house, Bertrand Brasil, for them to publish 'The Time Hunters' as a print and ebook in Brazil.

The Time Hunters (Book 1)
Gry Finsnes
If you love two countries and they go to war with each other, which one do you choose to fight for? The German musician Friedrich is in Norway with his Norwegian girlfriend Ellen when Hitler attacks in April 1940. They flee together from Oslo but happen to find themselves very close to the fighting. Their dilemma is that both like Germany but not the Nazis, and Friedrich does not want to fight. Ellen hides him, pretending that he is Dutch. After a long struggle they end up in her grandparents' house on the coast where they spend some idyllic months. But it cannot last forever. When Friedrich disappears Ellen goes to Vienna and Berlin in the middle of war to look for him.
Vanished in Berlin

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The Beast of Cretacea by Todd Strasser (Candlewick)
The Curse of the Buttons by Anne Ylvisaker (Candlewick)
The Tale of Rescue by Michael J. Rosen (Candlewick)
MARTians by Blythe Woolston (Candlewick)
The Emperor of Any Place by Tim Wynne-Jones (Candlewick)
Book by John Agard (Candlewick)
Symphony for the City of the Dead by M.T. Anderson (Candlewick)
Certain Poor Shepherds: A Christmas Tale by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas (Candlewick)
Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco by Judith Robbins Rose (Candlewick)

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